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Protect Your Family

Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor, Lynn Deddens continues the fight against substance abuse with a prevention campaign called, Strategies to Protect Your Family from Substance Abuse.

Every member of the community is aware of the substance abuse problem affecting the citizens of Dearborn and Ohio County.  Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has been affected personally by this problem, either as a victim of a crime stemming from substance abuse or someone dealing with substance abuse issues. Our community is suffering, and more importantly, our children are suffering. Enough is enough.

In an effort to combat this problem, Prosecutor Lynn Deddens presents the campaign called Strategies to Protect Your Family from Substance Abuse.

These are being held at local churches, schools and organizations. This prevention campaign is for adults and their children over 10 years of age to combat drug experimentation and peer pressure starting at a young age.