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Special Crimes Unit

The Dearborn-Ohio County Special Crimes Unit is a division the Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office whose purpose is to enforce the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America and State of Indiana.  All of the citizens of both Dearborn and Ohio County benefit from the organization and the services it provides.  The mission of the Prosecutor’s Office in enforcing the laws of the land is to ensure that the most complete and thorough investigations are done.  This will ensure that the truth can be realized and justice maintained. The Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor’s office is unique in that it is an office created by the Constitution of the State of Indiana and no other organization provides a similar service.

The Dearborn-Ohio County Special Crimes Unit was established in 2006 as an intelligence based investigative unit, charged with investigating major felony crime in Dearborn County. The Special Crimes Unit is comprised of Detectives assigned from various agencies within Dearborn County who have been chosen because of their individual abilities, training, and work ethic.  The Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit has been in existence now for over ten years. 



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